Buy Tuning Files offers a complete catalogue of Chiptuning files, and seamless integration with your website.

Our database shows the difference in power and torque between the standard version and the upgraded version of each car, brand, model, motor, horsepower. When you use this API on your website, you will have the same or custom-made car configuration on your website


Complete with all the features you need and, most importantly, ...
Easy to integrate
We offer seamless website integration that you or your web developer can easily install in a few minutes.
You can customise your website's text and design for a unique look and feel, without any links back to Buy Tuning Files.
Logo or text brand
You can automatically use car manufacturer logos and customised text in each file's description, just like we do.
List of cars and update
Your website will be automatically kept up to date with the latest car data via our API.
Access database
Our API gives you access to the newest brands, models, versions, engines, standard data en modifications in stage 1 an 2.

You can get started in three easy steps.

01 Subscription
Subscribe to our service safely using PayPal.
02 Documentation
Read our documentation to see the best way to use and adapt our system for your website.
03 API Integration
Integrate our API with your website and you can immediately use our database with your customers.