Car Chiptuning

Chiptuning means to optimize the software in the engine control unit. Various parameters like the amount of fuel, ignition timing and charge pressure will be adjusted to each other.

The outcomes for engines with turbocharger are an increase of the performance between 15% and 35% and a significant enhancement of the torque. For normal aspirated engines, the increase of the performance is about 5-10%. This leads to an enormous improvement of the acceleration and torque. Under normal driving behaviour the fuel consumption of your car will be much lower after the chiptuning.

Overview of the results

  • An increased performance between 5-35%
  • A torque increase between 5-35%
  • Reduction of the fuel consumption after the chiptuning

Diesel and Gasoline

While chiptuning reduces the fuel consumption it also improves the performance of your vehicle. The original control unit's chip is tuned in a way that gives you the option to save fuel permanently, due to the increased torque of the engine.

Thanks to our skilled engineers our characteristic map optimization is one of the best in the range of cars, trucks and tractors.  Whether petrol or diesel-tuning, our chiptuning is flashed in the controller with the latest methods.

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