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Unlike some of our competitors who operate statically without any control and log of their management, our mappings serving as base are developed on power bench.
Permanent control of the exhaust gas temperature in all engine cycles makes it possible to refine the management without causing damage to the engine.
The use of damos also allows us a precise and reliable work unlike most of the discounters of files tuning on the net.
We practice fair tariffs and are not modifiable. Partner of the biggest European chiptunners we offer you from now on the possibility of accessing files of high quality worthy of the best chiptuing.

Car tuning Stage 1: 75 Euros
Car tuning Stage 1: 140 Euros
Car e85 Conversion: 110 Euros
Car e85 Conversion + Stage 1: 170 Euros

Car DSG Stage 1: 80 Euros
Car DTC/ P-Code remove: 40 Euros
Car Launch control: 80 Euros
Car Torque Monitoring: 80 Euros
Hot start: 30 Euros
Jetski, Motorbikes, Scooter: 80 Euros
Pog bang: 100 Euros
Speed limit only: 50 Euros
Tractor/ Trucks tuning: 130 euros
Adblue Tractor/ Trucks: 220 euros
DPF Tractor/ Trucks: 180 euros
EGR Tractor/ Trucks: 180 euros

Lambda O2: 40 euros
Car Launch Control : 100 euros
Car EGR: 40 euros
Car DTC P code remove 40 euros
Car DPF / cat off: 80euros
Waranty Patch VAG / BMW 30 euros
Gpf 100 euros
Stop and start 20 euros
SAP Removal : 70 euros

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